Our used tires are well inspected before sale and are repaired if needed. All plugs and patches are professionally placed on the area in which tire is leaking. First Class Auto Parts has very strict policies as to what used tires to sell. Our goal is to satisfy our customers with used tires that can last without the fear of a sudden blow-out. Repairs on the wall of a tire or bubble-like structure are a sign of a bad tire and are not for sale. Due to our prices and availability of used tires, our customers gladly recommend us to their family and friends. We carry many sizes that are not easy to find at other local tire shops.


First Class Auto Parts is where you want to come for the best-used engine and for that matter, any other used part for your car. The part we pull for your vehicle is rigorously tested to be sure that it’s in great working condition and right for your vehicle. Our goal is for your safety, security, and the reliability of our products – the only situation that will ensure that we are doing the right thing. There are sometimes rare used engines that would not be available locally but we can find them from our huge network of suppliers and partners – whatever you are needing.


Never wait to replace your car brakes and rotors. You could put yourself in a very dangerous, potentially deadly situation by not giving these key parts the proper maintenance they require.  If you are looking for used brake parts, then look no further than First Class Auto Parts! FCAP carry large inventories of used brake parts, including brake rotors, brake drums, and brake calipers, brake-discs, so you never have to wait for the part you need.